Behind the Clipboard

Starting Premier Events has been a crazy and inspiring journey for me. I continue to be amazed and blessed with the opportunities and support I receive. I believe in the big, special moments in life that deserve to be celebrated.

 I may not have known it at the time, but event planning has been my dream since I watched Matthew McConaughey save Jennifer Lopez from a rolling dumpster in The Wedding Planner. It took me some time to discover the passion that I have for events, but the journey to that discovery was well worth it.

Growing up, my family continually showed me that you can chase any dream you have; you don’t have to settle for one hobby or one desire, but instead just continue to do what you love, even if it’s more than one thing. My dad and brother run a fifth generation farm in the northeast corner of Colorado, working longer days and later nights than anyone realizes. But they still both chased other dreams, too. My dad had a successful career as an EMT and chief of our small town fire department, feeding the world and saving lives all at the same time. My older brother has grown into a strong husband to my beautiful sister-in-law and amazing father to my niece, all while running the farm with my dad and coaching high school basketball.

And then there’s my mom, who’s pursued preaching, counseling, catering, & photography, all while serving as the CFO of Schuppe Hay Farms. Thanks to that, I grew up in the wedding industry. Whether my mom was officiating, catering, or taking pictures, I was usually her right-hand woman.

I fell in love with weddings & the event industry at a young age. However, I graduated my tiny high school determined to become a published author. I majored in writing at Colorado State University, met the love of my life, fell head-over-heels for Fort Collins, and, through my internship at Conference & Event Services on-campus, realized that event planning can be a career and decided it would be mine. During my last semester of my undergrad I completed my Wedding & Event Planning Certification and planned my first wedding… I was hooked.

I believe in the significance of your event, and want to help make it everything you’ve dreamed of. I believe in love, and I believe in marriage. I believe that your wedding day can be one beautiful day in the even more beautiful life that God has in store for you.

 Let’s plan your Premier Event, and make it yours. 


God bless,