O U R  T E A M 


D A K O T A   B O G N E R
Founder & Lead Event Planner
B.A. 2014, Certified Wedding & Event Planner 2014, Master of Tourism Management 2018

I’ve wanted to be a wedding planner since I first watched Matthew McConaughy save Jennifer Lopez from a rolling dumpster on the streets of San Francisco. (If you haven’t seen The Wedding Planner, and have no idea what I’m talking about, rent it. You won’t be disappointed!). But I don’t think I ever actually thought it was a real possibility for me. And sometimes I still can’t believe it! After years of practice and a lot of hard work, here I am, so blessed to do what I love! And I would be honored for you to be a part of it.

A few things to know about me...

  • I'm a super proud CSU alumna. GO RAMS!

  • Weddings have always given me all the feels.

  • My family, my friends, my husband, & Jesus are my foundation.

  • People say I drink too much coffee (if that's even a thing?).

  • I'm a farm girl at heart.

  • I color-code everything. Seriously, everything.

  • I live by my planner & my Bible.

  • I would LOVE to help make your big day special. You deserve it.


K A T I E   J A M E S
Event Assistant

The low-down on Katie...

  • She's my sidekick, and has been since day one.

  • I couldn't do this without her!

  • We LOVE tacos. And shopping.

  • Glitter is her favorite color.

  • She rocks at all things style & beauty.

  • Her support & belief in me is off the charts.


W H I T N E Y  M E I E R
Event Assistant

      The essentials about Whitney...

  • She is SUCH a gem of a human who radiates joy + positivity.

  • She shares my love of coffee.

  • I couldn't do this without her, either.

  • Fun fact: she's a twin!

  • Our (super) small hometown brought us together, and I'm so thankful for her.